Underlayments and Toppings
Commercial, Industrial, Warehousing & More

DFC has become an industry leader when it comes to installing professional designer concrete topping and underlayment systems. DFC is a quality-committed, factory-trained contractor specializing in the application of Self Leveling products.  With this highly regarded and respected designation, DFC can offer high-end topping and underlayment systems with unmated extended warranties.

As a self leveling concrete contractor we have many functional design options available to our clients. The versatility of self leveling concrete is key when providing solutions for worn and damaged floors. It is also the perfect solution for uneven and unlevel floors. As a self leveling concrete contractor we can design a surface with both functional and aesthetic appeal for any commercial or industrial floor space.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

Underlayments provide an affordable and versatile solution for unlevel concrete slab or surface irregularities. Often times, underlayments are used to moisture vapor control systems and soil gas mitigating systems. After the installation of an underlayment, all types of floor coverings, including sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood, ceramic tile and carpet can be installed in under a 24-hour period. This short turn-around is used to help fast-track flooring projects. DFC has installed countless underlayments projects throughout the years with a tremendous track record of success.

Self-Leveling Concrete Toppings

Concrete toppings can receive pigmented color dyes, stains, saw cuts or mechanical polishing to produce a decorative concrete finished wear surface. Self-leveling concrete toppings comes in either white or grey, which makes for a beautiful floor. If color is desired, pigments are mixed into each batch thoroughly to obtain consistency providing for an integrally colored surface. Mixing aggregates can be applied to the uncured topping to provide a terrazzo type of finish.

Often times, concrete toppings, such as SIKA FLOOR, TRU PC are used as the basis for designer flooring solutions. Many of the projects we have completed include retail stores, office spaces, and restaurants. Many of our clients prefer the look of designer concrete toppings over polished surfaces due to our ability to create a consistent finish rather than taking a chance with an unpredictable outcome with concrete polishing.

Concrete topping systems offer high strength (up to 6,100 PSI compressive & 1,200 PSI flexural) with a fast turnaround. TRU topping systems such as PC can accept light foot-traffic in less than 4 hours after the initial pour, and can be polished after only 24-hours. The ease and cost-effective manner of maintenance, and the fast turn-around, make concrete toppings an ideal flooring solution for just about any application.