Concrete Epoxy Flooring
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We cover a wide range of industries including:

  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Office Space
  • Educational / Government
  • Hospitality

More About Concrete Epoxy

Cementitious Urethane Systems

Cementitious urethane systems are probably the most versatile resinous flooring system in the seamless flooring industry. Urethane cements have a wide range of thickness they can be installed at as well as a wide range of applications as well. They exhibit excellent thermal shock, chemical resistance, durability, and aesthetics. They can replace decorative broadcast flooring systems while exhibiting the properties of chemical resistant flooring systems.

Chemical Resistant

Chemical resistant coatings are designed to withstand exposure to caustic materials such as acids, chemical leaks, solvents, and other corrosive materials. Chemical resistant coatings are tailored case by case to meet the needs of chemical exposure ranging from intermittent exposure to continuous exposure.

Broadcast Decorative

Decorative quartz or flake broadcast epoxy floors are esthetically pleasing while offering durability and strength. The flooring mil-age or thickness can restore moderately worn and pitted floors to a uniform profile and high-end look. These types of floors can be finished in a smooth to rough texture, depending on use of the floor.

Electro-Static Dissipative

ESD coatings are commonly used in high-tech industries in which static electricity may pose a problem to their manufacturing process. ESD flooring systems consist of conductive copper-stripes and conductive coatings that will absorb and transport unwanted currents to the ground which will be dissipative for many years.

Protective Coatings (High Build and Thin Mil)

Protective coatings provide impact, strength, and abrasion resistance which can hide minor surface substrate imperfections. High build and thin mil coating systems give new and old concrete floors a new attractive and easy-to-maintain surface. These types of coatings cure to a hard and durable surface, which can be smooth, textured, or slip-resistant.